The only point of view unseen in MotoGP.

360 RIDER 

“With Movistar, you don’t watch MotoGP, you live it”. That’s the brand’s core message for motorcycling. They have some reasons, like teaming up with Yamaha, or broadcasting MotoGP with 6 different viewpoints you can switch at your will. That’s cool but, you know, “living” implies something more.

What if you could experience how it feels 
to ride a Yamaha YZR-M1?

Agency: Wysiwyg*/Razorfish

Role: AD & CW

Client: Movistar

Run 360 rider app on your mobile or tablet

This is your first day at Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, rookie. If you don’t want to miss a single thing, move your device in all directions. Even when you’re overtaking Jorge Lorenzo at 300 Kms/h. You’ll be fine.


Be there with VR glasses

360 Rider is VR ready. If you don’t have any Cardboard or Dive glasses at hand, use our Movistar VR Glasses. The ultimate step to become the 360 Rider, and the joke of your mates nearby.


Thanks to 

Sponsorship and events manager at Movistar: David González

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