For those who are more tappy than touchy


Smartphones make our lives easier. But it can also complicate your relationship if you’re hooked on it. As we now have the "you pay more attention to your phone than to me" thing.

Surprise your significant other for Valentine's Day with a priceless gift: quality time at its best, with I Off You.

Agency: Wysiwyg*/Razorfish

Role: AD & CW

Client: Movistar

The App

Available for iPhones in Spain. Sorry foreigners :_( 

How does it work?

1. Select your significant other from your phonebook,and decide how long your romantic moment will last. 

2. This gift is basically a remote control you're giving to block your smartphone for that period of time. 

3. If you can't control your addiction, the most offensive robot in the history of TV will scream up to 45 humiliating alerts.


Campaign videos.

Introducing I Off You, Ghost revisited & Footsy time 

Download the app by tapping your app market button, and participate in a Twitter promo to win a romantic dinner.


Direct MK: The sweetest thing. 

We sent a chocolate QR code to the cream of the crop in spanish media and blogs to get their attention.



Every single screen and button of the App was illustrated to enhance our friendly approach to a real problem.


Thanks to 

Video Production: The Go Betweeners

Illustration: Miriam Martinez

Creative Supervision: Papaupa

Awards &  Recognitions