Beware of your dreams. Specially, if it’s a 630hp dreamcar.


Mercedes Benz is perceived as an old, exclusive brand in Spain.This is why they launched “something is going on Mercedes”, a brand message that tries to connect with a broader and younger audience. In this particular case, the car is no other than the Mercedes SL, a legendary sportscar on its sixth edition starting at 112K €. Well, that sounds exclusive.

How can we offer the driving experience of a dreamcar
like the SL to the millions of fans who can’t afford to pay it?

Agency: Wysiwyg*/Razorfish

Role: AD & CW

Client: Mercedes Benz

This is the Case Study

We left this flyer under the windscreen

"You’re not dreaming, Jaime. This is the new Mercedes SL, and this is your car for today. You will find the doors open, the keys inside, and further instructions on the back of this card. Don’t worry. Your car is safe."


Thanks to 

Video Production: Bajocero

Agency producer: Juan Gilmorte

Awards &  Recognitions

Note: the original campaign name is "Un SL en mi garaje”.