Pay like a local anywhere


When we travel we often lose count of the cash we’re spending. Do the math. Buying, commuting, eating and gobbling with a foreign currency you have to convert on the go. 
A no-brainer.

Spending smart ain’t just a matter of prices, but also of context.

Created at: B&M (personal project)

Role: Thinking & Craft


Converting money on the money.

Currency converters swarm mobile markets. Still, most of them are type-based only, so when you go shopping and you want to check, say +10 items, this basic UX has some friction issues. We did some field research to think out a better experience.

Conclusion: Camera wins. 

Image recognition is the fastest way to scan through a ton of products when you go shopping.

Calling for backup! 

For all those times that price is unreadable or shouted by traders in a flee market, microphone and keyboard comes in handy.

Context is the difference between a steal and a rob.

There is this thing with translators. To let you grasp the full meaning of a word, they show it in context. Same should be with prices. As a $20 menu can be a dealbreaker in New York, and a scam in Beijing. There are two ways to put a price in context: compare it to the average price of your hometown, or with the average of your current destination. We give you both.


A ticket kept is a spend tracked.

About that moment when you take some fresh money out of an ATM machine and 6 hours later you wonder where it has flown: keep your tickets at reach. If we’re about translating better for spending smart, we can translate your tickets too.

Here vs There breakdown

There is this thing with translators. To let you grasp the full meaning of a word, they show it in context. 

Little less conversation, little more USER JOURNEY.

Introducing Miguelio: half Miguel, half Dario. All brit.

Thanks to 

Motion Graphics: Emilio González

UX Advisor: Ana Martín